Make Back to School Fun with DIY School Spirit Crafts

Make Back to School Fun with DIY School Spirit Crafts


Now let’s give your locker some school spirit with some DIY school spirit crafts!  I love working with chalk board fabric because you can use it in so many ways for home decor and now, for your home away from home, school. For a cool locker decor you’ll need chalk board fabric, a magnetic shim (or use an old refrigerator magnet like the ones you get from a baseball team or realtor), spray adhesive and embellishments like die cut letters, fabric, bows, jewels, ribbon, whatever you want.


Find a large die-cut shape like a circle, square or rectangle and cut the magnetic shim and chalk board fabric in your die-cut machine. Spray the backside of the chalk board fabric with adhesive and stick it to the non-magnet side of the magnetic shim. Next, add school color embellishments using a hot glue gun or adhesive spray and maybe even add a string to hang a piece of chalk so it’s always handy!




If you have any magnetic shim material left you can die-cut letters, shapes and numbers, hot foil the fronts and use them to add to your locker decor too!




Be sure to send in your photos of lockers!



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