7 Beautiful Mason Jar Crafts

7 Beautiful Mason Jar Crafts

We’ve compiled our favourite mason jar crafts for fall below; simply select your favourite (or maybe your favourite three!) stock up on mason jars, and start getting creative. With just a few essential supplies, you can turn a mason jar into a gorgeous ornament, an eye-catching vase, a beautiful candle holder, and more.

Glitz and Glam Mason Jar Crafts

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it has maximum impact! Simply paint the outside of your Mason Jar using Mod Podge, or another adhesive, then roll it in your favourite glitter! Set the jar aside to dry on top of some old newspaper to protect your work surface, then dust or gently shake off any excess glitter .  Now you have an ultra sparkly, ultra glam ornament that will dress up any window ledge, mantelpiece or tabletop in an instant. For added impact, you could even sit a little tealight candle inside!

Suspended Candlelight Mason Jar Crafts

Speaking of candles, we really do think these are one of the most fabulous ways you can dress up a glass jar… and use that jar in turn to dress up the atmosphere! Sometimes, when it comes to mason jar crafts, less is more, which is why we just love these sweet yet simple hanging jars, each housing a tiny tealight. Tied and suspended simply with twine, these gorgeous lights will enable you to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at any event!

Mason Jar Crafts With A Floral Finish

Why not use your mason jar collection to add some fresh florals to the room? When all the leaves are falling and the garden is losing its colour as winter creeps in, there’s no better way to lift spirits than adding a bunch of fresh blooms to the table! An easy way to turn those transparent jars into colorful vases, is by slipping a piece of coloured paper or card inside the vase. If you want to get even more creative, you could paint spots, stripes or another pattern onto the paper… why not coordinate it with the flowers themselves?

Twine and Pine Mason Jar Crafts

So simple, yet so gorgeous! A subtle nod to the fantastically festive pine, this sweet little decoration is the perfect way to start sneaking Christmas into your home a little ahead of schedule! Add a rustic vibe with a decorative twine wrap around the glass (secure it at either end using a glue gun or other adhesive) then simply pop a few hand-picked pine leaves inside the jar, and finish with a tealight. Not only will it look pretty, but it’ll smell fabulously festive, too!


Lovely in Lace Mason Jar Crafts

A lovely lace finish secured with twine turns a simple mason jar into an elegant tealight holder, perfect for dressing up tea parties, garden get-togethers, or just simply a cozy evening in! What’s even more fantastic about this project, is you won’t even need any glue. Simply wrap your chosen piece of lace around the jar, and secure in place by wrapping a piece of twine over the top, and securing with a pretty tied bow. Perfect!

Forest-Inspired Mason Jar Crafts

Isn’t this adorable? We just love the way this simple little jar has been decorated, and think it’s the perfect design for welcoming in the winter! The trees outside may be losing their leaves, but the gorgeous branches left behind look just as beautiful, setting a striking silhouette against the winter sky. So we thought – why not celebrate that, by painting their beautiful bare branches onto our mason jar tealight holders? All you’ll need is a thin paintbrush and some glass paint! You could paint the bare tree on with just one colour, or – for a magical ‘Winter Wonderland’ effect – you could also add some white paint to give a snow-speckled finish!

Perfectly Painted Mason Jar Crafts

Of course, if you want to paint your mason jars directly, then how creative you get with it is entirely up to you! If you have a selection of colors at your disposal, you could create something truly spectacular! Paint your jars to match your home decor, or to add a splash of vibrancy to an otherwise subdued room.  You could add graduating stripes, intricate dot and line detailing, or a mixture of both. To really bring these colorful mason jars to life, add a tealight inside, and that colorful design will really pop!

Ready to get crafty? Stock up on essential supplies at Create and Craft, and let your creativity take over! Decorate mason jars for Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond!

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