Maycee Visits London with Mom Jinger Adams

Maycee Visits London with Mom Jinger Adams

I’m so excited to write this blog post! I know you are all familiar with my daughter Maycee because I refer to my children so much on the show. I’ve been coming to England for 2 years now, and I’ve been dying to have my family come over, to see this amazing country that I work in.

So for Maycee’s high school graduation present I gave her a trip to England and Paris. She came over On July 20th, right after I was finished working my July shift. We have had such a blast, and in this blog, I wanted to share all the fun we’ve had in the UK.


Maycee Visits London – Day One

On the first day we went and did the most important thing first….SHOPPING of course. When I asked Maycee what she wanted to do most on her visit, she had two requests. #1 was to go to a fancy, proper English Tea somewhere fancy, and #2 was to visit the country and go to a lavender field.

So On day 1 I took her to one of the most famous shopping streets in England to get outfits for our fancy tea. We went to Oxford Street and it was a blast.

Jinger and Maycee 4

And another event happened on the first day. You know how I always seem to have a crazy story to tell, well here is a new one.

At the end of the day we got on the train to go back to our hotel. Well as the train was leaving the station, I ran to the bathroom. It was an electronic lock, and it broke while I was in the bathroom, and I was locked in! I was a crisis. After running up and down the train trying to find help, Maycee got me out after being stuck in there for almost 40 minutes. I almost passed out because the hand dryer was broken as well and every few minutes, it kept going off, pouring hot air into the tiny bathroom! Ugh!

Jinger and Maycee 5

Maycee Visits London – Day Two

On the second day of our trip, I wanted to have Maycee see some history and culture. I took her to Hampton Court Palace. It is were King Henry the VIII lived with his wives. It was so much fun, and Maycee and I both learned a lot about that time period. We both decided if we were to have lived back in those times we would have needed to be princess.

Jinger and Maycee 3

Jinger and Maycee 2

Maycee Visits London – Day Three

This was the day of our Tea in the city at The Ritz hotel. We also went in a visited the studios this day as well. We had to go straight from visiting the studios to catch the train to get us into the city on time, so that is why we were all dressed up. Maycee just loved meeting everyone, and seeing where I worked. Everyone was so cute with her, I just love all the people I work with

Jinger and Maycee 1

After seeing the studio we had a long train ride into the city to get to The Ritz and we definitely stuck out like sore thumbs because we were dressed so fancy. I’d never been to a proper British tea time, and it was an amazing experience. The food was phenomenal. We had all sorts of little pastries, small sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, cake and of course, TEA! I’ve been telling you all for ages how amazing the women look in their fancy hats and fascinators, and I finally got to wear one. It was a dream come true!

Maycee Visits London – Day Four

Maycee’s second request for the trip was to go see the countryside of England. There is a cute village not too far outside London called Hitchin. They have a large lavender farm there that you can wander through and pick as much as you want. It was simply one of the most amazing days of my life. Maycee and I were mesmerized by the glorious smell, and beauty of the farm. Lavender fields as far as the eye could see. After, we visited the cute outdoor cafe and had cupcakes made with real lavender. They were divine!

Jinger and Maycee 8

Jinger and Maycee 7

Maycee Visits London – Day Five

Our final day in England was spent as typical tourists. I took Maycee to see all the iconic places. We went to Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. And to top it off, we rode the London Eye at dusk. It was truly an amazing experience. It has been so fun for me to share my London world with her, and also to share this Mommy/Daughter trip with my wonderful Create and Craft family!

Jinger and Maycee 9

10 thoughts on “Maycee Visits London with Mom Jinger Adams”

  • Hello. I’m really happy that you made it possible for your daughter to be there with you in London! I believe this will be something you both can treasure for the rest of your lives. Maycee looks very happy, and so do you. Keep enjoying time growing together in love and memories. Best Wishes to all. P.S. Did you get to take her to visit the other studio too so she could meet the first London team you worked with? (i.e., Dawn, Dave, etc.)


  • Oh jinger I look forward to every day just so i can watch you on createandcraft. You are so witty, funny and adorable. I have purchased quite a bit of the products on the show. I’ve been card making for about a year, enjoy it thoroughly. But since I’ve got the products, I feel like a new beginner. Such results of beauty I’ve never seen! I just received tattered lace Christmas am very eager to begin to see what I can do with them.

  • Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. I imagine you have fabulous ideas for an album. It’s fantastic that you could spend this time with your daughter. It will be forever a gift.

  • What a wonderful time with your daughter Maycee. Thank you for sharing it with us, your followers. She is just as beautiful as you are. I wish you’d take me. lol

  • Wow! Great photos, looks like you and Maycee were having such a wonderful mother/daughter trip. I envy you. Your daughter is as beautiful as you are. I think it would be wonderful to see all the sites in London, I will get there one of these days. Would love to come and see the the create and craft studio as well. I watch the show everyday, love love love it! Thanks for sharing your time with your daughter with us, just awesome.

  • Jinger

    Have been receiving your craft channel for the past several months here at my home in northern Wisc. Was only recently able to open your blog as I’m not really tech savvy. Do you still live in Utah? Am wondering how many days you have to work in the UK. Continue to bring us so much joy with your friendly attitude on the television.

  • jinger are you not coming back to createand craft we miss you so much please let us know what you are doing. the reason I came to cc is I was channel durfing and saw your picture and then went back and I have bought so much from you. why are they changing things. so sorry

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