National Sewing Machine Day – Fun Facts

National Sewing Machine Day – Fun Facts

June 13th is National Sewing Machine Day and Create and Craft wants you to celebrate by sewing something spectacular this summer! We’ve got some fun facts to brighten up your sewing world with some things you might not know.

National Sewing Machine Day is the perfect excuse to dig out that old sewing machine or to buy a new one in order to put together a new outfit, some home décor, or a fun costume for parties and events.

To get you into the spirit of National Sewing Machine Day, here are some historical and random facts about sewing machines you might not know.


Sewing Machine day

Invention of sewing machines

The first sewing machines can be traced back to simple contraptions being developed in the late 1700s. Various prototypes were built and lots of patents were purchased, but the first sewing machine to be issued a patent and used commercially in mass production was created by Barthelemy Thimonnier. Previous machines could only sew for short bursts before being reset, but Thimonnier’s machine could work constantly and consistently for entire work days.




thimonnier sewing machine replica
(replica feature on ISMACS)

Rise in popularity

Singer helped popularize the at home sewing machine with marketing, salesmanship, and ease of use. Sewing machines had existed before, but Singer’s push to have them be a household item is where the craze really started.


Sewing Machine


Sewing machines of a different color

Here’s a fun fact! Did you know that Nintendo released a compatible GameBoy game pak and GameBoy Color to use with a Singer sewing machine? It’s true! The GameBoy could be used to program and design stitches. It just goes to show you that sewing machines have gone through many strange and unusual iterations over the years.

GameBoy Color Sewing Machine


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How do you plan on celebrating National Sewing Machine Day? Comment below and share it with us! National Sewing Machine Day is all about finding a fun excuse to craft. We hope you make something fabulous that puts a smile on your face and gets your creative juices flowing.


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