Painted Plant Pot Inspiration – What a Watermelon!

Painted Plant Pot Inspiration – What a Watermelon!

With fine weather comes to the urge to get out into the garden and start trimming, pruning, and planting…. but at Create and Craft, we think it’s a fantastic opportunity to get crafting for the great outdoors! If you’ll be planting up new pots this summer, don’t settle for last year’s dusty old terracotta – give them a new lease of life with a bold and beautiful paint job! We just love this watermelon painted plant pot design by Helen Kirkham. Check out her step-by-step instructions below, and try your hand at transforming your own plant pots in time for the summer!

Time to Make: 1 hour +

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Painted Plant Pot Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:

painted plant pot project image

Paint part of the pot with the light green. Allow it to dry and then add a second coat.

Step 2:

watermelon flowerpot project image

Paint two white stripes at each end of the light green, allow to dry and add a second coat. Then paint the rest of the pot with the pink paint. Allow it to dry and add a second coat.

Helen’s helpful hint: If you are worried about painting over the pieces you have already painted, add a strip of washi tape to create a barrier between each color.

Step 3:

painted plant pot project image

Paint four vertical stripes with the dark green paint over the top of the green paint; the lines do not have to be straight. Next, sponge the dark green paint down each stripe, and a little over the the light green stripes. Then, using the light green paint, sponge a little over the dark green stripes.

Step 4:

watermelon flowerpot project image

For the final finishing touch, paint five seeds down each side of the pink painted part of the pot.

Helen’s helpful hint: You may find it easier to paint the seeds if you draw them on with a pencil first, then just paint over the pencil lines.

painted plant pot project image

And there you have it, your bold and beautiful watermelon painted plant pot is complete, and you have somewhere fabulous to plant this season’s flowers, herbs or plants!

You could use these gorgeous decorated pots to provide beautiful homes for indoor houseplants, or alternatively, you could add a weatherproof varnish to your pot once all the paintwork is dry, and stand it out in the garden – why not create a coordinating set of pots to create a pretty outdoor feature?

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