Patriotic Necklace & Handmade Couture Gift Box

Patriotic Necklace & Handmade Couture Gift Box

Create a stylish and patriotic jewelry piece that can be worn all year round. Want to give it as a gift? We’ve also got the perfect gift box die for you, easily personalized with die-cut letters. (Shhhh…these are all from the Couture Christmas range, but easily work for other holidays too!) – Sara Naumann

For the necklace, you will need:

For the box, you will need:

Instructions for the necklace:

Remember that resin is permanent, so protect your workspace and, if necessary, your floor, with craft sheets.

1. Place strips of washi tape onto a piece of white paper or lightweight card, alternating the red/white pattern with the blue/white pattern. Use the circle punch to punch out a section.

2. Glue the punched circle inside the metal bezel. Let the glue dry.

3. Place the bezel on a flat, even surface. Tip: I use an old plastic cutting board so I can position the loop of the bezel to hang over the edge, ensuring the bezel is perfectly flat.

4. Mix the resin according to the package instructions and fill the bezel. Sprinkle with clear glitter. Let the piece set. Note: Your piece will be dry in about 8-12 hours; the resin will cure in 3 days. You can work with the piece once it’s dry, but don’t place it in an airtight container until it’s completely cured.

5. Thread the bezel loop with ball chain and cut to your desired length.

Note: Before working with resin, be sure to wear an apron, roll up your sleeves and tie back long hair. Wear latex or latex-free gloves to protect your hands.

Instructions for the box:

1. Die cut the box shape from blue satin card. Fold on the score lines and slip the tab into the closure slot.

2. Wrap with silver ribbon and tie a bow on the top of the box.

3. Die cut U, S, and A from red card. Die cut three tags from white card and glue a letter to each tag. Add a red gem to the S tag and adhere to the box top with foam tape.

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