Sarah Millsop’s Criss Cross Crystals Necklace

Sarah Millsop’s Criss Cross Crystals Necklace

A perfect project for any crafter! Criss cross crystals are simple and a beautiful introduction to some jewelry making essentials. This necklace makes a statement but in a subtle and elegant effect. You could make it with smaller beads… but you will need to use a smaller jump ring also. Have a play and even make matching bracelets with the leftovers! – Sarah Millsop


Before you start, make sure that all of your jump rings are fully closed. Take two pairs of pliers and make sure you twist the jump rings so all joints are neat and level.


Cut 2 lengths of beading wire approx. 60cm long (just under an arm span will do!). Thread both strands up into a calotte and add a crimp bead, leaving a couple of inches for a tail.

Step 2:

Take the tails back down through the calotte (NOT the crimp bead) and crush the crimp to secure.

Step 3:

Move the calotte upwards to close over the crimp. This will hide the fastening and give you a neat and professional finish.

Step 4:

*When adding your beads, hide both of the tails into the beads also. This will give you extra strength in your piece. If you want to trim down, you can – just leave enough for approx. 3 beads.

Thread a ‘pink’ Rondelle onto both strands of wire. From now on to the end of the necklace, we will be using the strands individually to thread beads. It makes it easier if you trim a small amount off the threading end of your wire to differentiate the strands.

Step 5:

Thread a ‘grey’ Rondelle onto the longer strand of wire and a jump ring onto both strands. Then thread a ‘pink’ Rondelle onto the shorter strand, and a jump ring onto both. Repeat this pattern until you achieve your desired length.

Step 6:

Finish the pattern on a ‘grey’ Rondelle and then a ‘pink’ Rondelle onto both strands, just like the start of the necklace. Thread both strands up into a calotte, crimp bead, then back down through the calotte, and thread the tails through the first few beads.

TOP TIP: BEFORE you secure the crimp, only tighten the wire strand of the inside row of your necklace. This will help you achieve a tighter row and neater curve in the piece.

Step 7:

Once you are happy there are no gaps in the beads and you have a looser outside row, tighten the inside row… crush the crimp bead and close the calotte to secure.

Step 8:

Add a jump ring to both calottes and a clasp to one side.

You can make matching bracelets using the same technique – play with colors and designs. Just remember that to achieve a good curve for your necklace, you will need to tighten the inside strand and have a slightly looser outside strand.

Hope you enjoy! Let us see your makes by sharing your images on my ‘Sarah Millsop on Create and Craft’ Facebook page! Love, Sarah x

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