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Butterick Sewing Machine: Here at Create and Craft!

Butterick Sewing Machine: Here at Create and Craft!

Sewing and Butterick pattern enthusiasts are in for a treat: the Signature EB6100 Butterick Sewing Machine was launched exclusively by Create and Craft in 2017, and since then, its reviews have been phenomenal!

Janome Black Edition Sewing Machine FAQ

Janome Black Edition Sewing Machine FAQ

The new Janome Black Edition Sewing Machine is perfect for people who want to sew without the hassle of a complicated machine. Create and Craft has gathered some frequently asked questions to give you more background on this fantastic new product. If you’re looking for a…

How to Care for Your Sewing Machine

How to Care for Your Sewing Machine

A Sewing machine is a must-have tool for any crafter. How do you make sure your sewing machine stays in tip top shape? Create and Craft has a quick and handy guide on how to care your sewing machine and keep it running for years.

Common Problems

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Sewing experts say the most common problem with sewing machines is that they haven’t had any general care or cleaning. Sewing machines need just as much maintenance as any other machine, especially since big projects can cause a lot of wear and tear. This can lead to lint clogging up parts of the machine and broken components. The last thing you want is a broken needle while sewing.

But there are two easy types of care you can use to keep your machine running smoothly.

Basic Sewing Machine Care

The two easiest ways to keep your machine running smoothly are to clean the machine daily and to do long-term maintenance after big projects. Your instruction manual can provide a lot of helpful tips and information, but here are a couple of general guidelines.


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Daily Cleaning

This is the simplest way to make sure your machine keeps running. Read your instruction manual to see what the recommended method of cleaning is, but  a dry cloth and a lint brush are usually your go-to tools. Make sure to check the needle, bobbin, and thread tension after each use. You can also cover your machine to stop dust from gathering on the surface or in any of the moving parts.

Long-term Maintenance

Your instruction manual will have information about oiling and replacing parts. A good rule of thumb is to check over your whole machine after you’ve completed big projects. That’s when the most wear and tear will occur. The bobbin and the thread tension should also be checked often after large projects or continued use.

Recap and Other Helpful Tips

Here is a recap list as well as some helpful tips to keep your sewing machine in pristine condition.

  • Read your instruction manual
  • Clean your machine daily
  • Plan for long-term maintenance
  • Use a lint brush or dry cloth to clean
  • Replace your needles often
  • Unplug your machine during any cleaning
  • Avoid canned air, which can trap moisture inside the parts
  • Only take small areas apart at a time during cleaning

Keeping your sewing machine maintained is the best way to make sure it has a long life in your crafting room.

Do you have any helpful sewing machine maintenance tips? Comment below and share your tips and tricks with us!

Coming Soon…The Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine!

Coming Soon…The Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine!

Create and Craft is partnering with Spiegel to bring you the Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine! The Spiegel 60609 is perfect for a first-time machine or someone looking to replace their old model. The modern, tech-savvy features make sewing your next project a breeze.