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Baby Blue Machine Reviews

Baby Blue Machine Reviews

  The Baby Blue Machine from Tattered Lace is a powerful little die cutting tool that’s perfect for mobile and portable crafting. There’s a lot of punch in this little machine, and we’ve got some reviews from people who love this crafting wonder and want 

5 Tips to Craft for Christmas Now

5 Tips to Craft for Christmas Now

We’re halfway through the year and it’s time to start thinking about crafting for Christmas. Getting a head start on your Christmas craft projects can make all the difference for your holiday celebrations. We’ve got five tips to help you make Christmas a crafting success 

National Sewing Machine Day – Fun Facts

National Sewing Machine Day – Fun Facts

June 13th is National Sewing Machine Day and Create and Craft wants you to celebrate by sewing something spectacular this summer! We’ve got some fun facts to brighten up your sewing world with some things you might not know.

National Sewing Machine Day is the perfect excuse to dig out that old sewing machine or to buy a new one in order to put together a new outfit, some home décor, or a fun costume for parties and events.

To get you into the spirit of National Sewing Machine Day, here are some historical and random facts about sewing machines you might not know.


Sewing Machine day

Invention of sewing machines

The first sewing machines can be traced back to simple contraptions being developed in the late 1700s. Various prototypes were built and lots of patents were purchased, but the first sewing machine to be issued a patent and used commercially in mass production was created by Barthelemy Thimonnier. Previous machines could only sew for short bursts before being reset, but Thimonnier’s machine could work constantly and consistently for entire work days.




thimonnier sewing machine replica
(replica feature on ISMACS)

Rise in popularity

Singer helped popularize the at home sewing machine with marketing, salesmanship, and ease of use. Sewing machines had existed before, but Singer’s push to have them be a household item is where the craze really started.


Sewing Machine


Sewing machines of a different color

Here’s a fun fact! Did you know that Nintendo released a compatible GameBoy game pak and GameBoy Color to use with a Singer sewing machine? It’s true! The GameBoy could be used to program and design stitches. It just goes to show you that sewing machines have gone through many strange and unusual iterations over the years.

GameBoy Color Sewing Machine
(from Complex.com)


Are you looking for a new sewing machine? Make sure to check out the Spiegel 606095 machine. You can find reviews and information on the Spiegel, or you can buy one here from Create and Craft!

How do you plan on celebrating National Sewing Machine Day? Comment below and share it with us! National Sewing Machine Day is all about finding a fun excuse to craft. We hope you make something fabulous that puts a smile on your face and gets your creative juices flowing.


Graduation Projects for Friends and Family

Graduation Projects for Friends and Family

It’s graduation season! Everyone is wearing caps and gowns and the future is wide open. Celebrate with graduation projects that are sure to please any graduate walking this year. Need some projects to get your graduation craft ideas flowing? We’ve got a few that are sure 

Setting up a Craft Booth: Tips & Tricks

Setting up a Craft Booth: Tips & Tricks

Are you thinking about setting up at your first craft show but you don’t know where to start? We’ve got some tips and tricks for setting up your first booth, organizing your table, and preparing for success. What is a craft booth? A craft booth 

Father’s Day Craft and Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Craft and Gift Ideas

Sunday the 19th of June is Father’s Day. Celebrate with your dad with these craft ideas for projects and gifts that he is sure to love. Whether it’s papercrafting, outdoor gear, or just a sentimental card, there’s something for every father this year.


Echo Park Team Dad Collection

This is a fantastic kit for papercrafting and really shows dad that you’re on his team. Create a scrapbook for dad or let him design his own scrapbook of fatherly memories for the family to enjoy.


Echo Park Team Dad


Spinrite Wonderart Classic Latch Hook Kit – Deer

This latch hook kit creates a stunning image of a deer that’s great for the hunter in your family. Pick it up now and craft it for dad, or make it a family project!


Deer Latch Kit


Stamped White Quilt Block – Fish

Is your dad a fisherman? This quilt block gives you the perfect excuse to share the love of landing a big catch with your father this year. Quilting is a craft that can be fun for the whole family.


Fish Quilt Block



Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects

If your dad is a fan of the outdoors, then this project book is just what he needs! Create great paracord outdoor gear with this project book.


Paracord Outdoor Projects


You can find even more crafts and products for dad or for gifts for dad HERE. There’s no limit to what you can get or craft for your dad this year.

Show your father just how much you care about them with crafts and gifts that are sure to please this year. Make sure to set some time aside and let him know that you appreciate and care for him more than ever. Father’s Day isn’t just one day a year, it’s every day.

What are your plans for Father’s Day? What are some of your favorite memories of your father?


5 Tips for Craft Multitasking

5 Tips for Craft Multitasking

If you’re a serious crafter, then you’ve probably got a few projects going right now. That’s not a bad thing! Having lots of projects means that you can diversify your crafting and get more done. But what happens when you get overwhelmed with too many 

Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine FAQ

Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine FAQ

Have you bought a brand-new Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine? Do you have some extra questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We sat down with a Spiegel expert and asked some of the most frequent questions that you might have when buying or using a 

Crossover Machine Reviews

Crossover Machine Reviews

The Tattered Lace Crossover Machine is a wonderful way to get into die-cutting. But don’t take our word for it! We’ve pulled some Crossover Machine reviews of crafters who have fallen in love with this handy craft room essential.

Here’s what customers and crafters have to say about the Crossover Machine.


Crossover Machine 4


Love at First Use

“I love this machine! I’m a die cutting and embossing novice. After doing some research, I decided to buy this machine. What sold me was the adjustable pressure settings (no super-complicated shim sandwiches!), the solid metal roll (should last a long time), and the design (the prettiest machine I found). Initially I wasn’t sure if there secretly was a reason why this machine isn’t as popular as the Sizzix Big Shot and the Cuttlebug, but now it seems like the key difference is the upfront cost. Given that the Crossover Machine has a solid metal roll, I believe it will outlast those other brands, so the higher price seems worth it to me.

Before I bought this machine, I watched some YouTube videos on it. Several of them mentioned that it takes a little while to develop a “feel” for what the pressure setting should be in a given situation. This scared me a bit because it sounded like I’d have to put in a ton of work before I could achieve my first successful die cut. My actual experience ended up being different: The machine comes with a handy instruction manual that tells you roughly what the pressure settings should be when you’re cutting or embossing various materials. This gets you very close if not all the way to a 100% successful die cut. I felt like I started being productive right out of the gate. Both die cutting and embossing are very easy and straightforward. Yay!

Another concern I heard was that this machine supposedly isn’t able to cut intricate designs. So far I haven’t seen any indications of this. One of the pictures I’m posting contains a fairly detailed tree. Cutting it was a bit of a pain; the center of it didn’t want to get cut initially (this was after I heat-embossed the paper). Because I placed the cutting side of the die face-up I could see the cutting progress through the clear plastic plate, so all I needed to do was to adjust the pressure settings a bit and run the tree through the machine a couple more times until I managed to get it cut. After that experience, I have a hard time believing that there’s a cutting die I couldn’t successfully cut in this machine. 😉

So yes… I’m baffled and I don’t understand why this machine isn’t more popular! I love it! =D” – cleya (Amazon)


Love Love Love at First Cut

“I confess that I did not buy this on Amazon, as I found a better price, but I wanted to let everyone know how much I love this machine. I’ve used several different types of die cutting machines as I teach paper crafting. I was using my EBosser just about exclusively because it gives such good cuts. Then I got this heavy monster and I’ve been doing a lot more cutting because it’s faster and more fun! It’s also easier on my students because they don’t have to play with making just the right “sandwich”. It’s easy to learn how to dial in the correct pressure. The gearing is also way better than the other machines I’ve used…..far fewer cranks. I’ve had my machine for about 2 months now and I certainly hope it lasts because it’s just so good.” – Janett (Amazon)

Crossover Machine 3


My Review of the Tattered Lace Crossover Machine

“With all the amazing crafts in the world today, it can be hard to find one machine that will do it all. Lucky for you, Create and Craft has a brand new die cutting machine that will help you achieve a professional finish on every project! Here’s my review of theTattered Lace Crossover Machine!

Lets face it, if you’re like me, these days I want to do and try everything I see on Pinterest. While I love scrapbooking, I want to make party decorations, upcycle old furniture and clothes, create cute gifts, start quilting, and make amazing décor for my home. I get frustrated because I’m wanting to use lots of different materials for all these projects, not just use paper, but the machines I currently own really are designed to do one thing – cut paper, which for my card making and Scrapbooking is great, but what about all the other things I want to try.

I see projects made from fabric, leather, cork, jeans, chalkboard sheets, vinyl, craft foam, dry erase sheets…..the list goes on and on. We are continually trying new things, and I need a machine that can do it all.

Well GOOD NEWS! I think I found the solution to my problems. The New Crossover machine by Tattered Lace. The Crossover is an industrial strength die cutting machine which brings more cutting power than ever before to the crafter.

With the ability to cut multiple layers of fabric, paper, card and other materials this truly is the machine every crafter dreams of owning.

If you are a paper crafter – if you own a variety of dies from different manufacturers and want the convenience of using them with one machine this is the machine for you. Have you ever struggled to cut an intricate die before because of lack of pressure in your machine? The Crossover lets YOU change the pressure as needed to make sure you get the cut you expect.

If you are a quilter – do you need to cut multiple shapes to decorate or piece together your quilt? You can now cut multiple layers of fabric in one go and get perfect results on every layer, every time.

If you love to sew but hate cutting out decorative shapes with your scissors – you now have the ability to cut a huge variety of materials from cotton to denim and thin leather to upholstery fabric. With Linen & Lace Deep Dish Dies in a variety of shapes you will be embellishing your projects like never before.

I can’t wait to give mine a go, I have so many ideas, now where should I start….???” – Jinger Adams (Create and Craft)

Crossover Machine Jinger Adams


The Tattered Lace Crossover Machine

“The Tattered Lace Crossover Machine is the answer to all of your crafting prayers. Your crafting projects will take on a new level of elegance and excellence with the use of this innovative machine. The Crossover is a very sturdy and reliable crafting tool. It is compact, durable, and easily portable. It works with dies of all shapes and sizes, and can be used to cut a variety of different papers, cards, and fabrics.

This Crossover Machine will make all of those difficult crafting projects that you’ve been putting off look incredibly easy. The industrial strength of this cutting machine will bring more power and control to your crafting experience. The Crossover Machine also works with a variety of different dies. The level of thickness and the sizes of the dies do not matter – the Crossover Machine has the power and efficiency to deliver the exact die cut that you need. Included in this machine is a patented adjustable roller system with 18 pressure settings. This unique feature of the Crossover allows you to change the amount of pressure as needed to ensure the perfect cut for each project, no matter how thick or thin.

The Crossover Machine has several wonderful features that make it an invaluable addition to your craft closet. The Crossover cuts up to A4 in size and accepts all die types, including linen and lace. The Crossover can also be easily folded up for maximum storage space. It also includes an adjustable thumbwheel that allows for the space between the metal rollers to either expand or contract. This negates the need for shims and multiple layers of plastic which are necessary for other die cutting machines. Additionally, the crossover contains an added metal plate to use with more detailed die cuts, as well as extra thick cutting plates.

There is no end to the different types of product you can use with the Crossover Machine. Any craft project imaginable is now easily obtainable simply through the use of this state-of-the-art machine.” – Patricia Lusk, Editor (AllFreePaperCrafts.com)


Do you have your own review for the Tattered Lace Crossover Machine? Post it below and share it with us!

Happy Crafting!

The Create and Craft Team

National Scrapbooking Day – Starter Tips

National Scrapbooking Day – Starter Tips

It’s National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday, May 7th! Celebrate one of the greatest papercrafts in the world by preserving your memories and photos and a beautiful scrapbook. We’ve got some scrapbook info and starter tips to get your project off the ground. National Scrapbooking Day 

5 Tips for Organizing Your Craft Room

5 Tips for Organizing Your Craft Room

Your craft room can quickly go from Amazing to A-mess in no time flat. Have you been looking for a way to organize your craft room, but you’re having trouble getting started? Here are 5 tips for organizing your craft room just in time for 

Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine Walkthrough

Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine Walkthrough

Spiegel 60609 Sewing machine walkthrough

New to sewing? Just purchased your machine? Take a minute to look over this Spiegel 60609 sewing machine walkthrough to better understand your new machine.

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