Tattered Lace Magazine Reviews

Tattered Lace Magazine Reviews

Tattered Lace is known for it’s fantastic and intricate dies, but now they have a magazine that’s just as spectacular! Tattered Lace Magazine is full of tutorials, inspirations, and bonus materials that no die-cutting crafter can afford to miss! Customers are raving about all of the issues of Tattered Lace Magazine, and we’ve got some reviews from different issues for you to see what everyone’s talking about.

Here’s what people are saying about issues of Tattered Lace Magazine.


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The Reviews

This magazine is amazing!

February 21, 2016

I have loved all the Tattered Lace magazines I have bought over time (wish I could afford all of them)! The dies that were attached are such a special value and all have been so beautiful. Issue #26 is beyond beautiful! The figure of Glamour Puss (a funny name for a truly gorgeous die!) is so spectacular it takes my breath away. The one thing my die collection lacked was a human figure. Now, I have The Best! I can’t wait to use this die to dress and have fun with in my cards! Thank You Tattered Lace, and Create and Craft.




June 11, 2016

This is the first time that I’ve seen the Tattered Lace magazine and the first time that I’ve ever used one of their dies. The examples of how to use the die were fantastic and the die was beautiful. I loved the hints about how to cut it in pieces and use it in different ways plus it was so delicate! I couldn’t believe how well it cut! I used a strong cardstock and it cut the very intricate scrolls beautifully.



Tattered Lace Magazine issue 26

May 30, 2016

Tattered Lace Magazines are always filled with wonderful examples of cards and step by step instructions if you chose to exactly duplicate their examples. The bonus die and papers are a great additional value to an already great magazine.



So much more than I expected. TV just doesn’t do them justice.

January 21, 2016

The magazines are so much more than I was expecting. The inspirations and instructions are so valuable. The dies are absolutely perfect. What a pleasant surprise that everything presented was so much more than is presented via the TV. You just can’t show how great this is. Absolutely happy with it all. Thank you.



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  • Last year when Create and Craft started broadcasting on TV in the US, I quickly became an avid fan of everything Tattered Lace. The magazines are great. I now have a growing collection of them and with my 2016 subscription I look forward to getting another dozen. I’m happy with them all. The pages showing the various ways to cut into them is a real treat, i.e., blue boards. Wish there was a way to view all the blue boards on their website, though. It is fun to experiment to find even more ways than what is shown. Thank you, Stephanie, and her amazing crew!

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