Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving craft ideas are already on our mind here at Create and Craft. So much hard work goes into making a fabulous meal for friends and family, but crafting can make the hard work fun for everyone! We know how much you plan to make the dinner as delicious as possible. But you can’t spend all day stressing over your turkey battle plan! Delve into our creative ideas below, and enlist the help of the whole family this Thanksgiving, to make this year’s holiday one to remember!

Planning for Thanksgiving

We’ve got some fun and simple ideas to help take your Thanksgiving dinner to a whole new level. There’s an activity for the kids, a beautiful centerpiece, and a chance to share your own holiday ideas.


Thanksgiving Craft Turkey Plan Image
Going overboard with a Turkey Dinner Battle Plan won’t help bring the fun on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Craft for the Kids – Pinecone Turkey

Combine nature and holiday crafting with this simple and festive Thanksgiving craft. Gather pinecones outside and decorate them with hand-traced pieces of coloured paper. Glue the paper onto the pinecones and you’ve got a cute crafted turkey to add to your decorations. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and to get the kids outside before everyone eats themselves into a food coma.


Thanksgiving Pinecone Turkey Craft Image

You can even add your own embellishments and additions to make traditional or goofy turkeys that the kids will love.

Thanksgiving Fun – Papercraft Pilgrims and Native Americans:

Celebrate the story of Thanksgiving with these quick and easy papercraft Pilgrims and Native Americans! All you need is a collection of cardboard tubes (start saving them up now!) some colored papers, glue and a fine liner to add their faces. Get creative crafting their clothes, hair and accessories, then you can add them to your Thanksgiving dinner table or windowsills around your home!

Thanksgiving Story Craft Image

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with guests, you could even base your Pilgrims and Native Americans on your friends and family… and see if they notice!

Easy Thanksgiving Home Decor – Pumpkin Flower Pot:

Let’s face it, the food is the most important part of the dinner table. But so is the atmosphere! You can make a stunning pumpkin flower pot by carving a small pumpkin, adding some floral foam, and inserting your favorite flowers. This piece is something anyone can do and gives you the chance to add a natural floral touch to your dinner table.


Thanksgiving Centerpiece Image


Add other embellishments for a truly unique centerpiece that your friends and family are sure to talk about. Speaking of talking, we’re sure you have some holiday ideas of your own.

Share your holiday ideas

The most important part of the holidays is sharing your experience with others. We want to hear how you plan to fill your Thanksgiving with crafts and memories this year.

Do you have any craft ideas for the holiday?

Are there any special traditions you want to share?

Comment below and share them with us!

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