The New Brother Innov-Is NV2750D Sewing And Embroidery Machine Is Here

Brother Innov-Is NV2750D

Are you a passionate sewing enthusiast or a budding embroidery artist looking for a machine the combines the best of both worlds? Look no further than the Brother Innov-Is NV2750D sewing and embroidery machine.

In the world of sewing and embroidery, having the right tools can make all the difference in transforming your creative visions into stunning, tangible works of art. This innovative machine is designed to elevate your crafting experience, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

Join us as we delve into the incredible capabilities and features of the Brother Innov-Is NV2750D, including its cutting-edge technology, intuitive interface, and a world of possibilities when it comes to design.

Let’s dive in and discover into the world of the newest sewing and embroidery machine by Brother that is exclusive to Create and Craft.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity

The Brother Innov-Is NV2750D sewing and embroidery machine offers an impressive arsenal of tools. With a remarkable 291 built-in stitches at your fingertips, including 10 convenient one-step buttonholes and five distinctive lettering fonts, this machine is ready to breathe life into your imaginative projects. And if that’s not enough, the addition of the new blanket stitch expands your design possibilities even further. For that extra touch of elegance, the machine boasts 35 satin stitch patterns, ensuring your creations radiate a sense of luxury.

But what truly sets this machine apart is Brother’s innovative My Custom StitchTM stitch designer. Now, you can craft your very own unique stitch patterns or tweak the built-in stitches effortlessly, all through the user-friendly 4.9-inch colour touchscreen. With these features at your disposal, your creative potential knows no bounds.

Brother Innov-Is NV2750D

Embroidery is where the magic truly happens

With a captivating array of 313 embroidery designs, each stitch is a brushstroke of creativity. Among these designs, you’ll find 55 enchanting Disney patterns, ready to bring beloved characters to life on projects. Adding an extra layer of charm, the machine offers 140 frame patterns, allowing you to frame your creations with elegance and style.

For the passionate quilters out there, this machine is a true gem. With 13 quilt borders and designs built in, you’ll have the perfect tool for quilting projects. Personalization is a breeze with 13 embroidery fonts at your disposal and the pattern editing, and colour sorting features make every project uniquely yours.

With the Brother Innov-Is NV2750D, your embroidery endeavours will be elevated to a whole new level. Your creativity will shine through every stitch, leaving you with projects that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Brother Innov-Is NV2750D

Unlock a world of creative possibilities

With the wireless functionality of the Brother Innov-is NV2750D sewing and embroidery machine, you can seamlessly connect your machine to your digital workspace with the free Design Database Transfer app (available on Windows) and effortlessly transfer your embroidery data. Whether you’re a Windows user seeking the perfect pattern or someone looking to craft custom designs from scratch, this feature makes it remarkably convenient.

If you are eager to explore your artistic side and create unique embroidery designs, the Artspira software will be your trusty companion. With Artspira, your imagination is your only limit. Let your creativity flow, and watch your ideas come life as intricate, one-of-a-kind embroidery patterns. This machine empowers you to design and stitch with unmatched freedom and ease. Welcome to a world where innovation meets inspiration, making every embroidery project a work of art.

Brother Innov-Is NV2750D

Your ultimate ally

Thanks to Brother’s ingenious SFDS (Square Feed Drive System), you’ll experience impeccable stitch quality on a wide range of fabrics, no matter the weight or texture. The SFDS provides even feeding action, ensuring that every stitch is perfectly aligned and flawlessly executed.

But that’s just the beginning of the wonders this machine has to offer. With the ICAPS system (Intelligent Fabric Sensing Automatic Processer System), you’ll witness magic in motion. This intelligent system automatically detects changes in fabric thickness and effortlessly adjusts the foot pressure. The result? The smoothest and most consistent stitching, no matter the fabric’s characteristics.

The Brother Innov-Is NV2750D is all about making your sewing and embroidery experience as seamless as possible. It boasts an array of convenient features, such as automatic thread tension, pivot function for precise turns, automatic thread cutter for efficiency, slide speed control for customization, and so much more. Your creative journey just got a significant upgrade, and there’s a world of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Embroidery hoop

Create without limits

In the realm of creative crafting, having the right space to work and the precision to execute your ideas is paramount. This machine doesn’t just meet these needs; it exceeds them. With its expansive working area and a generous embroidery space measuring 260mm x 160mm, your creative canvas knows no bounds. Whether you’re sewing intricate quilts, stitching beautiful garments, or embroidery artistic masterpieces, this spacious work area provides the room you need to bring your visions to life.

What truly sets this machine apart is the LED pointer, your trusty guide to perfection. With this handy feature, you can be confident that whatever you create will be impeccably positioned. It’s like having a personal assistant, ensuring that every stitch and design element lands exactly where you intend. The Brother Innov-Is NV2750D empowers you to let your imagination roam freely, knowing that precision and perfection are always within reach. It’s time to create without limits and embark on a crafting journey where every detail is a masterpiece.

Disney features

Brother Innov-Is NV2750D Extras

If the above information isn’t enough, here is what else the machine features:

  • 4.9” colour touch screen LCD Display
  • Compact face plate, meaning the angle of the faceplate has been improved so it is easier to reach the needle when it needs changing.
  • Advanced needle threader    
  • Drop-in bobbin    
  • Central control panel so all important functions within easy reach.
  • Thread sensors, so upper and lower thread sensors alert you about broken threads and automatically stops your stitching.
  • Start/stop button    
  • 850 stiches per minute – achieve more with a quicker stitch out.
  • USB connectivity    
  • Built-in tutorials, easily learn how to operate your machine.
  • Built-in fonts, 13 fonts (nine alphabet, one Cyrillic, three Japanese).
  • Text edit functions, simplified user interface for text input and editing, with various editing capabilities such as curving, arraying, and space adjustment.
  • Thread trimming, programmable jump stitch cutting – trims any excess treads for you.
  • Design editing, flip designs horizontally, pattern rotating (0.1, 1, 10 and 90 degrees), drag and drop operation, zoom up to 200%
  • Colour sorting, groups the same colours together so avoids you having to rethread as much.
  • Lettering fonts, five built-in lettering fonts (three alphabet fonts, one Cyrillic font, one Japanese font)
  • Combination stitches
  • Sideways feed, sew decorative stitches up to 40mm wide.
  • Pivot function, automatically lift the foot with the needle down. Great for sewing corners.
  • Drop feed function, Drop the feed dogs out of the way for free motion or free hand sewing.
  • Free arm, remove the accessory drawer to make sewing tubular items, likes sleeves, easier.
  • Programmable functions, needle up/down, foot up/down, auto thread cutting, jump stitch cutting, reinforcement priority and other useful sewing functions.

Included Accessories with the Brother Innov-Is NV2750D

  • Zig Zag Foot J
  • Monogramming Foot N
  • Overcasting Foot G
  • Zipper Foot I
  • Buttonhole Foot A
  • Blind Stitch Foot R
  • Button Fitting Foot M
  • Embroidery Foot with LED Pointer U+
  • Open Toe Foot
  • Free Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot O
  • Non Stick Foot
  • Stitch Guide Foot P
  • Adjustable Zipper/Piping Foot
  • Walking Foot
  • ¼” Piecing Foot
  • Side Cutter S
  • Quilting Guide
  • Needle Set
  • Twin Needle
  • Bobbin x 4 (One Bobbin in Machine)
  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Eyelet Punch
  • Screwdriver (Large)
  • Screwdriver (Small)
  • L-Shaped Screwdriver
  • Disc-Shaped Screwdriver
  • Horizontal Spool Pin
  • Spool Cap (Large)
  • Spool Cap (Medium) x 2 (One Spool Cap on Machine)
  • Spool Cap (Small)
  • Thread Spool Insert (Mini King Thread Spool)
  • Spool Net
  • Knee Lifter
  • Standard Bobbin Case (Green Marking on the Screw – On Machine)
  • Alternate Bobbin Case (No Colour on the Screw)
  • Foot Controller
  • Embroidery Frame Set – Extra Large 26cm (H) x 16cm (W)
  • Embroidery Frame Set – Large 18cm (H) x 13cm (W)
  • Embroidery Bobbin Thread (60 Weight, White)
  • Accessory Bag
  • Dust Cover
  • Grid Sheet Set
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Embroidery Design Guide
Brother Innov-Is NV2750D


The Brother Innov-Is NV2750D Sewing and Embroidery machine is a true game-changer for anyone passionate about the world of sewing and embroidery. With its wide array of features, it opens up a world of creative possibilities and brings creations to life with ease.

From the multitude of built-in stitches, including Disney patterns and embroidery fonts, to the user- friendly touchscreen and innovative stitch designer, this machine empowers you to create one-of-a-kind projects. With the added bonus of wireless functionality and intelligent systems like SFDS and ICAPS, your sewing and embroidery experience becomes smoother and more enjoyable. The LED pointer ensures precise positioning, and the generous working area allows you to take on even the most ambitious projects.

This machine isn’t just a tool; it’s an artistic companion, ready to support your creative endeavours and elevate your craft to new heights. It’s time to unlock your full creative potential, explore your passions, and embark on a journey where every stitch is a testament to your imagination.

If you would like more information, you can watch the Brother Innov-Is NV2750D on our app here.