Tim Holtz Theater Shadow Box by Kristine McKay

Create a breath-taking theater shadow box display inspired by classic Hollywood. Tim Holtz Idea-ology Shadow Boxes are at the forefront of this design, decorated with authentic vintage-style décor. Kristine creates the antiqued effect using a Rare Earth Brown Ink Pad and Dreamees Inky Daubers, then decorates with a wide variety of images and objects to tie in with our August Bank Holiday event film theme. Our highlights are the Tim Holtz Ephemera and Corked Vials — they’re so quirky!

This project was created and written by Create & Craft favorite, Kristine McKay.

You Will Need:


  1. Cover box(es) with dictionary paper using Pinflair bookbinding glue, Dreamees blending daubers, and Rare Earth brown ink.
  2. Cover the back of box number one with your desired ephemera. Cut out the photo reel from the printable or use the cut file on the Brother ScanNCut from black paper. Attach 3 to 4 layers for added thickness to create the front and back of the photo reel. Roll the strip of paper tightly and place it in the center of the two photo reel sides, add silver gilding wax if desired. Wrap the Tim Holtz filmstrip around, leaving a small end hanging out. Hot glue the bottom and place in box number 1.
  3. Adhere the motion picture printable in box number 2 (ink with Rare Earth brown ink, if desired). Cut out a Rhett and Scarlett photo and attach bakers twine and a Tim Holtz clip, and then place in the box. (I added a ‘Smitten’ label I had on hand.)
  4. Cut out a large ‘Gone with the Wind’ ticket from the printable (ink with Rare Earth brown ink, if desired) and adhere to box number 3. Cut out the popcorn box and soda cup from the printable and create 3-dimensional elements by following the printed instructions. Then, cut out small movie tickets and adhere all of the objects to the box.
  5. Cover the back of box number 4 with your desired ephemera or dictionary paper. Place the Tim Holtz film tin inside.
  6. Cover the back of box number 5 with your desired ephemera or dictionary paper. Cut out the film clapper board from the printable and adhere to the box (you can add a little bit of paper to create a stand for stability). I added the wood question mark piece that I just had on hand.
  7. Cover the back of box number 6 with your desired ephemera or dictionary paper. Cut out the statue from the printable (adhere a toothpick to the back for stability) and press into the cork, then add the top of the mini Tim Holtz glass dome. Place into the box.
  8. Cover the back of box number 7 with your desired ephemera or dictionary paper. Cover an old wood spool with an old ticket or ephemera and wrap with twine. Cut out the medium-sized tickets and attach to a Tim Holtz photo pin and stick inside of the spool. Glue if necessary.
  9. Cut out the ‘Gone with the Wind’ movie poster and adhere into box number 8. Cut out the mini ‘Autograph’ sentiment from the printable and attach to the Tim Holtz mini metal album charm. Adhere into box number 8.
  10. Cut out the ‘3 movie reel clip’ and place in box number 9. Hot glue a mini Tim Holtz light bulb.
  11. Add the ‘Showtime’ wooden letters to the top.
  12. Adhere the metal feet with hot glue.

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