Needle Felting Kits To Try This Autumn

Needle Felting

Ahh, Autumn, filled with Pumpkin Spice and needle felting delights! That’s how the saying goes right? No? Well, it will be your new saying after you try these 5 seasonally inspired Needle Felting Kits.

1 – Night Owl Needle Felting Scene

First up is this super cute and slightly spooky needle felting kit by ‘The Crafty Kit Co’. The purple and black ensemble of colours screams an October night for me. And that beautiful silver moon just makes the scene pop!

Autumnal Owl Scene in Embroidery Hoop
Beginner Felting Kit

Difficulty: 1/5 Stars

If you’re looking for a beginner Needle Felting Kit this will be perfect for you. The colours within the scene are quite similar, so will be easier to blend when working. Plus, it will be easier to disguise any miscolouring as an ‘abstract’ approach. This owl scene is created within an embroidery hoop, which helps as a guide for sizing and proportions. You can then hang the hoop on your walls when you’re done. Overall, this needle felting kit will be a ‘hoot’ to try! (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist). The sooner you start, the longer you can have it up throughout the season! Or if you’re a lover of all things spooky and ‘coo’ky; all year round! You can find this lovely scene here.

2 – Furry Fox Needle Felting Scene

Moving on from our feathery friend, there’s our furry fox friend to try! This is another lovely kit from ‘The Crafty Kit Co’. This sleepy soul can be made by beginners too, perfect for those who prefer a plush pal rather than a picturesque scene.

Felted Sleepy Fox made from Needle Felting
Beginner Needle Felting Kit

Difficulty: 1/5 Stars

This kit is slightly more difficult than the last due to the forming of the fox. You will need to shape the fox almost free hand around the pipe cleaners rather than on a flat surface like the hoop scene. However, the kits easy-to-follow instructions will support you throughout the making of your lovely little being. The Beginners Kit includes all you need to create your friendly fox. Including gorgeous Corriedale felting wool, in the lovely natural (and autumnal) fox colours. There are also the felting needles and a felting block inside the kit! With all this in one amazing crafty kit you’ll be snoozing with your new sleepy pal in no time! Fancy finding this cutie, he’s having a nap here.

3 – Ghoul-geous Ghosts Needle Felting Kit

These little cuties are a new needle felting kit from ‘Mum’s Makery’. The ‘Cute Ghost Candy Jar’ is absolutely perfect for Halloween! These ghoul-geous ghosts will guard your Halloween treats from all the monsters that will be out on the 31st (or just to prevent your partner from eating the whole lot!).

Cute Halloween Ghosts Beginner Craft Kit

Difficulty: 1.5/5 Stars

These boo-tiful buddies are quite simple to make on their own. However, the slight difficulty could come from making the witches hat. The hat will be a bit thinner and will require more shaping than the ghosts. But not to worry, this needle felting kit also includes a detailed HD Video Tutorial for you to follow. Start this kit as soon as you can, to have these guys haunting you at Halloween. Don’t fancy a ghost hunt? These little guys are hiding here.

4 – Nifty Needle Felting Tree Stumps Kit

Now we have the Autumnal Tree Stump Needle Felting Kit by ‘Mum’s Makery’. Which includes so many cute Autumn inspired details; From pumpkins, to mushrooms, hedgehogs to gnomes and acorns to owls, this craft kit is perfect for a slightly more advanced needle felter.

Tree Stumps Photo Holder Kit
Autumnal Inspired Needle Felting Kit

Difficulty: 2/5 Stars

This kit is slightly more advanced due to all the tiny details that you will need some patience for. It is also another free form kit, although it does come with 3 felting templates for you to use. Which you can use again and again! Perfect for the Autumn season, this scene could also be used to hold up any cards you receive! So, if you celebrate a holiday, or birthday in the autumnal period, you can have your cute new friends hold up your cards for you! Or, if you added a bit of tinsel, they’ll be able to hold up your Christmas cards too! Ready to get needle felting? You can find this kit here.

5 – Pumpkin Patch Needle Felting Hoop Kit

The pumpkin is the emblem of Autumn, and this finished scene on your walls will be the perfect autumn home décor. This needle felting kit is from ‘The Crafty Kit Co Pumpkin kit’ The kit is completed using the embroidery hoop, so you can mount it on your walls as soon as you have finished. Perfect to have up from September to November. You’ll be able to bring out this stunning piece of felted art every year.

Pumpkin Patch Felting Kit in Embroidery Hoop

Difficulty: 2.5/5 Stars

This is one of the trickiest (or treatiest) needle felting kits on this list. This gorgeously detailed kit might prove tricky for a novice felter. As the specific colour blending needed on each pumpkin can prove to be a bit fiddly. However, the easy-to-follow instructions within this kit will assist you along the way. With different layers and colours to play with, you’ll find so much joy completing this kit. You can find this wonderful needle felting kit here.

If you want to see more needle felting kits that you can try this year. Explore more on our site here


 *I would like to thank KT Brown for their assistance and advice on the difficulty levels of each kit. They will also be teaching me how to needle felt in the next few weeks. Look out for ‘How to Needle Felt for Beginners’.