Wendy of the Crafty Beggars Creates with Tattered Lace, Tonic, and More!

Wendy of the Crafty Beggars Creates with Tattered Lace, Tonic, and More!

Hi all! It’s Wendy of the Crafty Beggars and I’m here to show some of the lovely things I’ve been working on with items from Create and Craft.

I used the following products from Create and Craft to create the following projects. It was so easy to use all the materials in numerous ways – you just have to get creative!

Products Needed:

  • MDF Hearts
  • Tattered Lace Dies – “Wirl Branches”
  • Magnolia Border Dies
  • ArtC Glitter Paints – Gold, Magenta, Walnut Brown, Turquoise and Grass Green
  • Nuvo Crystal Drops – Midnight Blue

Peacock Mirror


I love peacock feathers and when I saw this particular color selection of ArtC Glitter Paints I knew some peacock themed creation was in order. Obviously one can never have enough mirrors (rather like shoes, make-up and handbags!) and it now sits alongside several other mirrors in our guest cloakroom – the obvious place for housing random crafts that actually don’t fit anywhere else in the house! The ‘feathery’ bits of the feathers were made from using the Swirl Branches Die.

Greeting Card Using Die “Waste”



When I had finished cutting out all the aforementioned ‘feathery’ with the Swirl Branches Die I was struck by the beauty of the paper which was left over; the gold, green and turquoise colors combined with the shapes the Dies had left behind looked so much like sea, waves and sand that I used them to create a beach themed greetings card. The Hull of the boat is card taken from the packaging of the ArtC Glitter Paints… I never let anything go to waste!

Starfish Card


When Gary and I were on our honeymoon in Mauritius there was a beach which was home to many starfish – and I have had a particular fondness for them eversince (and we’ve been married for 17 years so they’re a longstanding favorite!). The Nuvo dots used on this one really adds a bit of depth and realism. Oh, take me back to Mauritius!

Top Tip – if you’re not confident at drawing freehand make use of your computer’s Search Engine to find free printable shapes and drawings – like this starfish!

Peacock Card


Of course I couldn’t stay away from the Peacock theme for too long – not with one of the Magnolia Borders Dies reminding me of peacock feathers! Actually this card came out so well that I’m going to put it in an open frame and hang it on the wall. The feathers bend away from the paper really nicely so it would be a shame to flatten it in an envelope!

Top Tip – If you don’t stir the Turquoise paint it separates to give a beautiful green colour which you can lift off the top – perfect for any peacock project.

Seahorse Storage Jar


In the morning this was an empty coffee jar. Just before lunchtime is was a vessel for bubble bath decorated with a seahorse!

I drew a seahorse on the glass with a felt tip and then went over the outline with three colours of the Nuvo Crystal Drops – namely Caribbean Ocean, Midnight Blue and Apple Green. I’m thinking of making a few of these as gifts – although I will probably change the bubble bath for bath salts or crystals, just in case the liquid isn’t as well behaved as coffee powder when the jar is gift wrapped!

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