Wendy Turner Crafts With Webster’s Pages

Wendy Turner Crafts With Webster’s Pages

Wendy Turner from the Crafty Beggars is back with more crafty creations! This time she’s using Webster’s Pages to create numerous crafts that are sure to inspire.

Products Featured:

wendy-websters-1 1.) Webster’s the Name

This aptly named Webster’s kit was quite a revelation… I’ve got to admit it didn’t look like a huge product to begin with. I soon discovered it is the crafty kit that just keeps giving! In fact everything in the next few crafts featured here has something in them from the Webster’s pack. But first, and foremost, it is a keepsake album complete with fabric bag and I had fun both decorating the bag with some Prima flowers and ends of velvet ribbon and taking a trip down memory lane with some treasured photographs.


2.) It’s been Framed

I was told that these Create and Craft adhesive rollers are best sellers, and after a bit of use I can see why – perfect for paper crafting when you don’t want to get blobs of glue on your materials but far too ingenious to stay hidden! For this card I made some random sticky lines as an abstract frame for one of the larger Webster’s motifs and then sprinkled over some glitter. Forgetting my hands were covered in glitter I rubbed my face and spent the rest of the day like a human glitter ball. Funny how no one ever tells you these things!

wendy-webster-3 wendy-websters-4

3.) Inspiration is just a Phone Call Away

Whilst up at my mum and dad’s house rummaging around in the garage (the scene of countless boxes of my ‘stuff’) I came across a rather sturdy black box which had once housed a mobile phone (by ‘once’ I mean about 12 years ago!). I brought it home and covered it with some of the rather beautiful papers from the Webster’s pack and also the cream frame that you can see on the top. It now lives in my bedroom with some of my favorite pieces of jewelry inside. And people wonder why I keep old stuff for so long

4.) ‘Shimmer me Timbers!’

These plain and rather boring looking desktop drawers have been lurking around our house for ages, mostly sitting in the office housing paper clips, drawing pins and rubber bands. It seemed like the perfect base to try out some of the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists and indeed the porous wood absorbed the shimmering colors really well. I thought I’d try out a technique I’d seen on the web to get the distressed look on the top. And it worked a treat! I cut a piece of the Webster’s papers to size and glued it into place. Then I brushed a layer of glue on top. When that had dried I got some sandpaper and started rubbing – mainly around the edges to leave no hard lines and then a few areas in the middle to spread the look! The real key is the next and final stage – paint over the top with a very thin brown paint (I used one of the brown colored glimmer mists but some cold tea will do!) and hey presto your distressed look is complete.


5.) Bloomin’ Lovely Necklace

I LOVED the rose motif which came with the Webster’s kit and thought it deserved to take center stage somewhere. Of course one can never have enough jewelry (I say that so often!) and it’s great to wear something that no one else has, which of course is the great advantage of making something yourself. Each flower is made up of five hearts and a button in the center completes the picture. The black base is simply cardboard cut from an unwanted shoe box.

wendy-websters-9 wendy-websters-10

6.) The Color of Copper

I used some Turquoise Acrylic Paint and then the Gold Mister Spray and to get the ‘copper’ effect on this picture (bit of a love theme going on), and it worked particularly well on textured paper. The green reminded me of the Statue of Liberty and the greetings card is the result of that particular thought! I found the distinctive design on one of those ‘How to Draw The Statue of Liberty’ sites. I was going to give the card to someone but have ended up keeping it and putting it up on my own shelf – a fab reminder of my visit to see the great lady!

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