Yarn Easter Eggs: Your Step by Step Guide

Yarn Easter Eggs: Your Step by Step Guide

Whether you fancy creating these fun yarn eggs as hanging decorations, or as an alternative way of wrapping this year’s Easter chocolate, this easy Easter project is a great one to have up your sleeve! It works a treat with twine, jute and embroidery thread as well as yarn, and is pretty easy to do… as long as you don’t mind getting your fingers covered in glue!


The only limit is your imagination when it comes to creating these fabulous yarn eggs – go loud with bright colours for something more festive, or stick with a simple jute twine for a more rustic approach.  You can also add glitter, ribbons, multi-colours and name tags for a personalised touch. Either way, they’re a great way to keep little hands busy in the lead up to Easter!

You Will Need:


Clear your schedule and turn your phone off- because you won’t be able to answer any calls once you get started with this one! The lovely Penelope Quinn‘s full printable instructions are available here, with step-by-step imagery.

Penelope Quinn’s Top Tip:

Is your string egg collapsing when the balloon bursts? If it’s sticking to the balloon, you have used too much PVA in your mixture. If you think it’s going to do this before you pop the balloon, try taking the back end of a needle and lifting the thread off the balloon first.

If it crumbles as soon as the balloon has popped, then you need a little more glue to make the thread stick together, or leave it to dry a little longer.

Video Tutorial:


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