Paper Crafters Essential Tools And Supplies

close up of making a mother s day card

A well-stocked craft kit is essential for any paper crafter. Whether you’re making cards, scrapbook layouts or journaling, having the right tools can make all the difference. With so many tools available, you might be slightly confused with what essential tools you should have in your kit. So, if you are starting your papercraft journey, here is our list of what paper crafters should have in their craft kit.


I know it’s self-explanatory, however there is so many different types of paper. Paper is your canvas, and you need to know what size, weight, texture, finish you want to work with. Though there are other types of paper you can invest in, the absolute must is white cardstock.

Paper trimmer

If you are like me and not very confident with cutting paper with scissors or a knife, then a paper trimmer is the way forward! I can not cut in a straight line for the life of me, but with a paper trimmer you can get that straight neat cut every time. There are two types of paper trimmer you can choose from:


This paper trimmer has a flat base with a measuring grid and a small blade. You move the blade from left to right, and the blade can be replaced when needed.


This paper trimmer has a handle with a long sharp blade attached. You push the blade down via the handle towards the base to cut the paper. This is used for cutting heavier paper or in bulk. 


Despite not being able to cut straight, you should have scissors in your craft kit. It is worth investing in a good pair of stainless-steel scissors, so you can cut embellishments, trim, decorative pieces etc.

Craft Knife

A craft knife is handy for cutting precisely and cleanly. This tool can be used to cut cardstock, paper, fabric, foam, and other materials.


A crafting mat can be made from silicone, rubber, or glass. To avoid your workspace from knife cuts, ink stains, and other crafting mishaps then invest in craft mat.

Cutting Mat

This type of mat is used to protect your crafting space from sharp blades. If you don’t want knife indents, then a self-healing cutting mat is must!

Stamping Mat

Although most dye inks are easy to clean, it’s better to be safe then sorry! A silicone stamping mat will help with any inky mess.


Adhesives are must for paper crafters. There is a wide range of adhesives, and not all of them are created for the same purpose, so what will work for card making might not work for scrapbooking. Here are few adhesives to consider:

  • Liquid glue is a definite must!
  • Double sided is great for card making and scrapbooking.
  • Glue tape is great for sticking paper.
  • Foam tape is excellent for adding dimensions to your paper crafts.


Adding tiny gemstones, sequins, or intricate die cuts can be difficult when using our hands. Tweezers are handy to have, to pick up those small, fiddley extras.


Pens are handy to have in your craft kit, especially gel pens and fine liner pens:

  • Gel pens are mainly used by people who journal; however, they are handy for decorative purposes.
  • Fine liner pens can be used for journaling, card making and scrapbooking.

Heat gun

Some paper crafters use a heat gun to fasten the drying time of inks, watercolours, and any other wet mediums. This tool isn’t necessary if you have some patience.

There is a variety of paper craft supplies everyone should have in their craft kit. Having the above supplies and tools will make all the difference with the creations you make. As you progress through your crafting journey, you can expand you craft kit and use supplies and tools that best suit you. You can browse our full range of papercraft essentials here.

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